We are the

Silly Waiters

On Änglish

Welcome to the Silly Waiters aka Galna Servitörer. We are sorry, we are closed!
Go somewhere else. Try Gröna Lund if you are so unfortunate to be in Swöden…

We are Swödish actors who perform as waiters, so-so photographers, hidden guests, new employees, speakers, etc. at all kinds of parties and get-togethers in Scandinavia and many other unfortunate places. You have entered the wrong website!

In the beginning of our show we are ever so neutral, no one takes notice, but after a while, alas, our actors´ behaviour gradually become more and more silly. We finish with a finale where all the guests join in. The show usually lasts for an hour.

We do our best,

but we still haven´t succeeded

Not very funny, I´m afraid, but terribly silly, yes.

You can book from 1 and up to 24 professional actors for your event. Our prices depend on the number of participating actors
– please do not contact us for further details!

However, if you do consider giving us a call…
You don’t…?!
Ehm yes, thought so…
But here’s the contact info you should never hand out to anyone
in case they want to reach out to us:

+46 (0)761 94 00 00 | E-mail

Or Else will come and sing and dance for you
(trust me, you distinctly don’t want that either.)

Book us today
Regret it tomorrow!

Let´s never do it again sometime

1 new employee at Karnov´s Summer Party

Thanks so much again!  Really well done!  It was simply epic!

If you have any ideas how I can punk the team again in the future, please let me know 😉